Daily Lessons

‘No regrets in life, just lessons learned’

Okay, I admit it. I love quotes. I have them saved on my phone, screen shots from Pinterest about how inspirational life is and how ‘great things are coming when you least expect it’. Perfect life lesson right? Well, even just being here now over a YEAR  I have learnt so much, so I thought I would pass on some of my knowledge to you. It may consist of what NOT to do, some handy hints about London (or even life itself) and just a guide to navigating life without anything stuck in my teeth or toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

Daily Life Lesson #1 Not being organised when travelling

Daily Lesson #2 Always Know Your Facebook Settings

Daily Lesson #3 Money Never Sleeps

Daily Lesson #4 Whoops.. My Dress Is Too Short…Again

Daily Lesson #5 Major Cinnamon Explosion

Daily Lesson #6 Be a Duck

Daily Lesson #7 Pick Ya Pocket