Here is where you will find the insight into my life in London. Filled with laughter, sadness and boys (pfft!) you will be entertained regardless. So sit tight and join me on the roller coaster of life that involves travel, hints to help you if…and when… you arrive in London and how to work towards goals you want to achieve. I would like to warn you though that I am still learning and stumbling through life myself…Enjoy!


The ‘Big’ Change

Mirror Mirror On The Wall… Tell Me.. Am I Becoming The Person I’ve Always Wanted To Be After All?

Liverpool Was Like A Clouded Memory

Sisters Doing It For Themselves

Don’t Look Back In Anger… Just Take Back All The Stuff You Gave Him

A Plague On This One House…

It Is Not In The Stars To Hold Our Destiny But In Ourselves…

How To Prepare For London in Ten Ways…And What To Do When You Get Here

How To Be Single

Do What You Wanna Do, Be What Ya Wanna Be…

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Put A Smile On Your Dial…


Diary of The Brother and Sister Travels…Three Weeks, Four Countries and Endless Walking.

The Thrill of Coming Home Has Never Changed