The Laundromat-Iceland edition

I think it’s obvious by now that brunch is a thing that I love and enjoy- regardless of the location!

Despite Iceland being so ridiculously expensive, my friend and I decided to go to this funky diner-looking cafe called the Laundromat. The name lends itself to describing literally what it is- there are washing machines down stairs. The walls are adorned with pictures of New York and books line shelves along the counter.

Upon looking at the menu, it has everything that you would expect from the UK or Australia- avocado on toast, hummus, Greek yogurt… and it was surprisingly cheap!

Amongst the pancakes and kids’ brunch, there is a choice between a ‘clean’ brunch (scrambled eggs, greek yogurt, museli, fruit etc.) or a ‘dirty’ brunch (sausages, bacon, hand-cut potatoes…). As I was running low on money, I went with scrambled eggs with avo and spinach- and a side of hummus. My friend went with the clean brunch.

When it arrived, the abundance of avocado made me so happy- even in Iceland the avocado was fantastic! The side of hummus was too spicy for me, so I had to leave it and asked for it to be swapped for muesli and Skyr yogurt (famous for its yogurt, Icelandic yogurt is high in protein and can be found everywhere in many flavours. I’ve found that the UK has tried to emulate it, but it’s not the same) instead. The thin rye bread was the perfect base for the avocado and fluffy scrambled eggs that just melted in your mouth.

Overall, this brunch was fantastic and despite its remoteness, Iceland had fresh fruit and vegetables that tasted as though I was back in Australia.

Highly recommend not only for brunch, but also in general to enjoy the atmosphere and lovely customer service! (The carrot cake isn’t bad either 🙂 )




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