The Beany Green- Broadgate Circle

This Aussie-run franchise boasts a brunch menu that is inspired by healthy, all natural food. What you notice at first was how small the cafe is- there is barely any room to move so we were put down the side, hidden between the wall and coats. It’s cosy though, with plenty of room outside but the weather wasn’t being supportive.

You enter the cafe and you can smell the amazing granola and banana bread that sits on the counter and see the staff making vibrant smoothies that I would love to order but… I’m broke and tea/water is for me!

I noticed that the menu has ‘charcoal sourdough’ and I had to try it as I haven’t seen it before and I know charcoal has a lot of nutritional benefits. It comes with labne (strained Greek yogurt) and lemon dukkah and of course… avocado. I added a poached egg (you can’t have avocado without a poached egg). My friend opted for burrito-style wraps with bacon and avocado (no longer available) which she enjoyed!

Although I liked the egg, avo and the lemon in the labne and it was plated beautifully, the charcoal bread wasn’t my thing. I didn’t like the taste at all and I think normal sourdough is best. The taste is hard to describe, but I would say try it just to see what you think.

I recommend trying at least one of the ‘Greens’- Daisy, Beany, Timmy- they all have very similar brunch menus.


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