The Black Penny- Holborn

Today we went to brunch to say goodbye and good luck to a really good friend of ours who is moving back to Melbourne. Since brunches is what we do best, we only thought it was fitting to venture out to Holborn to eat at The Black Penny- recommended by TimeOut!

Located in between the Holborn tube station and Covent Garden, we arrived to a line- always a good sign at a cafe though! Although the wait was a while, we soon realised that it would be worth it as we were salivating over the menu- any menu that has hummus on it for me is a winner.

The interior is typical hipster- books about interesting subjects like fly fishing and the importance of femininity lined the shelves…enough said. Although the menu is missing the common staples that us Aussies look for- fritters, avocado on toast with poached eggs etc. I still felt there was something for everyone on it. Hashes, porridge, buns… all of which sound enticing and tempting enough for anyone.

Once we sat down, my friends and I immediately were finding it difficult to choose between dishes like the indulgent Brioche French toast and the filling ‘The Hunter’ (sausage, bacon, beans… pretty much a fancy English breakfast).  I chose the toasted granola- the rhubarb compote was what won me over- and it didn’t disappoint. It was cheap (only 5 pounds) and the perfect balance of yogurt and granola. The rhubarb added sweetness that was missing from a sweetener like honey.

Overall, I would come back to The Penny Black for sure!


The Black Penny

The Black Penny


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