Granger and Co- Clerkenwell

I think the majority of the brunch places here in London are Aussie-owned/run and Granger and Co is another one I’ve come across. Described online as ‘eclectic fare with Australian flare’, my Aussie friend and I knew we had to try it. We originally went to the Kings Cross venue, but the line was out the door so we immediately Googled the other one in Clerkenwell and set off to finding it. After catching the tube and walking, we finally found it and asked for a table (should’ve booked!). As we were late after the journey, we had to order lunch instead of breakfast. We were put at the table that was designated for desserts so it was a bit cramped. The atmosphere is family-friendly, as many young families were there, which was quite nice but also loud.

The breakfast menu sounds amazing- vegan granola, tea smoked salmon, ricotta hotcakes, brioche roll with a fried egg… the list goes on. The lunch menu describes mouth-watering burgers, pizzas, pork belly, curries… I think ‘eclectic’ is a good word to describe it. Although the lunch menu doesn’t excite me like brunch menus usually do, there were still fritters on the menu, so that’s what I went for. I added avocado and said no to bacon at an extra cost, and overall they weren’t anything to rave about. My friend however had the fried chicken sandwich and because they didn’t have the bread it describes on the menu, they gave her the sandwich for free! Mine was quite expensive- 13.80 plus the avocado.

Honestly, I have had better fritters elsewhere for less money. I would love to go back though and try something else on the brunch menu. 


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