Caravan- Kings Cross Granary Square

As I always look all over social media for brunch places in London, I always attempt to find ones that have amazing menus- and this one did not disappoint. Any place that has a separate menu for brunch is ideal in my eyes!

Just a 5 minute walk from Kings Cross Station, this place instantly attracts your eye as it is HUGE but also because of the amount of people that were there. The place was buzzing with people in high spirits despite the awful weather. People were ordering cocktails from the Aussie bartenders and just sitting at the bar watching them make basil-infused drinks was enjoyable in itself.

The aesthetics of the bar/cafe/restaurant was familiar to me- very Brunswick-esque. Dark lighting with the ‘hipster’ light bulbs hanging down from the ceiling, the wooden interiors and large, overhanging blackboards with menus describing gluten free desserts and new cocktails.  The floor to ceiling curtains you walk through when entering only added to the cosy, inviting atmosphere.

My friend and I immediately knew we would love this place, not only because it reminded us of home, but also because of the menu. Due to the long waiting list, we had a good look at the menu and recognised that we couldn’t decide, so we order our own meals AND something to share. My friend ordered the avocado on toast (typical Aussie) and I ordered the granola with coconut yogurt. However, the lemon and chia seed pancake with maple syrup-toasted walnuts, mascarpone and pomegranate seeds* was calling our names. So we split that too. It’s safe to say that we both rolled out of the place after devouring everything- it was seriously delicious. The pancake was my favourite- light, fluffy and just the right amount of lemon. The pomegranate seeds were the added sourness that was needed to cut through the heaviness of the mascarpone.

The only thing was I had to ask for more yogurt for my granola as I like to be able to have it mixed through quite evenly, rather than just majority oats (personal preference though!)

Overall, I really enjoyed eating here and I highly recommend!


Just look at it all- amazing. 

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