The Thrill of Coming Home Has Never Changed

From Dec 17th to Jan 2nd, I was home. I love living in London and hope to continue for the near future, but there’s something about returning to sunlight and proper brunches that makes the long ass flight worth it. Also, seeing my family and friends helps too of course.

As I knew I only had a short time home, I had a number of things I wanted to do before I venture back to the UK, and they included:

  • Seeing as many of my good friends and family as possible
  • Eating all the smashed avocado I can (I was happy with brunches in general)
  • Eating all the fresh fruit in the state of Victoria
  • Getting Vitamin D
  • Walking my dogs Dingo and Coco


    Coco and Dingo at my brother’s 18th birthday in 2016. They were dressed with sombreros for dogs!

If you want to see a happy Australian, put them in the sun (usually with alcohol of some sort too). On the first day of arriving, (after a trip to Costco to purchase massive amounts of salad and sushi) my family and I sat out in the sun all day. Safe to say my face looked similar to a beetroot by the time the sun set. I got so burnt that I started peeling immediately. It’s easy to forget how harsh the sun is down under, particularly when I think back to only a few months ago in Croatia I sat out all day and still looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost. This was the last time I saw the sun… in August. Oh well, nothing aloe vera after sun spray can’t fix.

Brunches are a huge part of the Australian culture, with so many different cafes around that it’s difficult to pick your favourites. The most popular dish (in my opinion of course. I haven’t actually asked every Australian what they think) is smashed avocado (avo is the correct term for ‘avocado’ by the way). Usually paired with poached eggs and sourdough bread, every brunch menu will have some variation of that. And it was my mission to eat it as much as I could. Which I did. I also ate a shit ton of fritters, such as the Quinoa and Zucchini fritters with avo, side of mushrooms and some sort of posh sauce from North and Eight in Essendon. Mum and I also got a side of polenta chips which were interesting. As you could probably tell, brunches are extremely important. The next two weeks consisted of four more brunches, each one including avocado in some way. I think you get the idea of my escapade to eat as many brunches as possible.

Christmas Day (and every other day I was home pretty much) meant that I could eat as much as possible- obviously. But what I craved the most was fresh fruit. The thing about the UK is that, although berries, mangoes, pineapple etc. are all available, it is all imported from Brazil, Spain, Congo… the list goes on. So pretty much anywhere other than the UK. (Australia is lucky in that the country is so big that there are different climates so we have fresh fruit and vegetables all year round). So mum would often find me in the kitchen, eating a whole mango with the juice running down my face and hands. Although this is clearly a pretty picture that you have forged in your minds (how am I single?), it isn’t exactly graceful. But I don’t care. It’s totally worth it.


Mumma and Me on Christmas Day

Other highlights included:

  • Sitting on the couch for two days straight when it was over 35 degrees, watching Disney films with my dad
  • Eating fro yo with one of my best friends
  • Having enough dips and crackers to sink the Titanic (Dips are also a huge part of Australian culture. We have more than just hummus, unlike the UK. Not that hummus isn’t amazing or anything).
  • The festivities of Christmas and New Years with friends and family
  • Spending a brother/sister day going to the gym and brunch with my brother, who lovingly ignored me most of the time at the gym and took the day off at my command.

So other than eating an exceptional amount of fruit, seeing my loved ones and getting burnt, it’s safe to say my trip home was eventful and obviously a success!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made the effort to get in touch and see me. I really miss you guys and look forward to seeing you again soon xx

Brunch places:

District North

North and Eight

La Manna



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