Daily Lesson #7 Pick ya Pocket

I have a habit of misplacing or losing things, particularly my passport, Oyster card and my debit card. Well, yesterday it was (again) my debit card’s turn to be sacrificed to that one magical place we all have that all our lost things disappear to.

I was grocery shopping after returning from Australia only a few hours before (just keep swimming right? Even after a 24 hour flight. Where you got no sleep. And shit plane food.) I stocked up on my usual almond milk, abundance of fruit and hummus (Not necessarily eaten altogether by the way… that sounds like a perfect recipe for someone who is high AF).

I was hurriedly putting all of my stuff in my bags to make way for the next person (because I feel their judgement on me if I take too long since impatience is a prerequisite to live here) and off I went. All is well in the world.

Fast forward to the next day, when I went to Poundland and stock up on adult things like bin bags and shampoo and am standing at the counter, looking through my wallet and I see there is no debit card there. First thought: ‘leave immediately. You will not be THAT person who can’t pay for items from Poundland’. Second thought: ‘Dammit I have no way to wash my hair.Must steal from roommates. JOKING, I would never…’

So I go home to look through everything and the card was no where to be found. So I immediately cancel my card, grab the Australian money I now need to exchange so I have money to live off and grab a coat so I don’t freeze.

I’m walking along, listening to music and enjoying the fact that it’s not raining and decide to put my hands in my pockets so I don’t get frostbite. And there it is. My debit card. (With my Oyster card actually so at least I found that too…silver linings).

So this daily lesson: put your debit card away as soon as you use it. That sudden realisation of losing something  is not a nice feeling. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity is it not?


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