Daily Lesson #6- Be a Duck

So a few things have come up recently that have just caused a bit of disruption to this ‘amazing’ London life I have been living. I’ve been ridiculously manic and all over the place emotionally, to the point that I’ve:

  1. Lost Oyster cards
  2. Thought I lost my bank card, changed all my passwords to get into my account when it was on my bed all along
  3. Sold my laptop for such a bad price I cringe
  4. Lost presents from friends and important stuff from work
  5. Had a massive tantrum because I couldn’t get to the gym before seeing my beautiful friend for dinner
  6. Turned up to a hotel with no PJs, no toothbrush or charger for my phone

All this because I just wasn’t thinking properly. I’m constantly thinking of the next thing I’ve got to do before I finish the first thing that needs to get done. This chaos therefore affected other areas of my life and so now as I sit in bed on this Sunday morning I thought…just slow the fuck down and get over myself. Could be worse… I could be an female in America right now…

So this daily lesson isn’t as humorous as previous ones, but I’ve realised that it might be beneficial to just be a duck… and make sure it’s like water off its back. Maybe you should quack with me as well?


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