What kind of Saturday night that involves an array of food and dark cave-like booths wouldn’t be worth posting about? For one of my good friend’s birthday, we decided to hit the town and enjoy both those things.

My friends and I love to eat, so we went on GroupOn and found a voucher for 10 quid per person at a Lebanese place in Imperial Wharf. It consisted of 11 tasting plates, including falafel (my fav!), hummus, mixed salad, lamb and rice dishes, mixed vegetables and baklava. After numerous modes of transportation we finally made it to the restaurant…and it was worth the train and emergency Uber.  It consisted of 11 tasting plates, including falafel (my fav!), hummus, mixed salad, lamb and rice dishes, mixed vegetables and baklava. We tried everything and it was unanimous- great food for an excellent price.The restaurant was decorated with deep reds and gold, with red lighting in the bathroom too- a bit Amsterdam Red Light District-esque for my liking but ya go with it. Towards the end, an interesting male singer (adding to the atmosphere of course) beganIMG_4982 singing some sort of cultural songs that sounded more like the Lion King than Lebanese, but again, you go with it.

WARNING: They charged us for the vegetarian plate I didn’t ask for (but was appreciative of) and they gave us bottled water which we paid extra for rather than the tap too so it may seem cheap, but just make sure that you read the fine print!

We then took the bus to Clapham to go to The Sugar Cane. We walked in to a really dark bar with wicker seats, bamboo bar, tiki booths and painted sunsets on the wall- stereotypical Polynesia. We made a beeline for the bar and ordered a large cocktail that serves 5-8 people, or four keen girls. The first was the ‘Tropical Sunset’- Vodka and Rum, with peach and orange juice. The second was ‘Tonga Punch’- 7 rums with lemon, orange, pomegranate juice and pineapple. Both were served in a porcelain boat with a flaming passionfruit in the middle. They were downed quickly with our metre long straws and there was a fight to the death for the fresh strawberries.

Again, a night is not worth noting without an embarrassing moment from myself. I, again, was wearing a dress that was probably too short (I really need to cut off part of my legs to be a tad shorter because getting all new clothes is not feasible and I like my dresses) and I bent over to sip the delicious cocktail boat thing and I flashed everyone behind me. Great.

To get over my said embarrassment, we ended the night dancing downstairs and getting extremely hot and sweaty while flipping our hair back and forth and twerking. I sat out on the twerking due to my short dress. I thought it was best for everyone.

Overall, an amazing night that was filled with bloating, dancing and laughter with my girls. How could you not have such a good time without those three things? 


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