Put A Smile On Your Dial…

I’ve been debating about posting this post for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I want this blog to be about approaching life in a humerous light.

Secondly, admitting any faults I have is difficult for me.

Thirdly, I don’t want this blog to really have anything to do with my issues-I want it to be more focused on London and other travels.

However, I have realised while living here so far that people have issues. A lot of issues. They vary from loneliness, lack of self-confidence, money woes, homesickness… the list goes on.

My feelings move in waves over here. I miss home regularly, particularly when something good or bad happens, which is an obvious and perfectly normal thing I think. I also have some issues with food, so my emotions are all over the place depending on how much I exercise and what I eat too much of. This is a constant battle for me, a daily struggle actually. My life revolves around how much I’ve exercised and trying to avoid my favourite foods like flapjacks or carrot cake. Or any cake actually. (I will binge on those BIG time- to the point of stomach cramps). But I don’t want to focus on that. I don’t want to talk about even to my closest friends at the best of times. I want to focus on how to get through a time when you feel like you need to get away or want to go home.

  1. Try meditation or something else to try to reflect
    I know it may sound lame to some, but meditating really helps. Trying to think of nothing is really hard! You can reflect on why you feel the way you do. Write a diary entry or colour in! I personally have a Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock colouring in book. Yes, I’m cool.
  2. Go for a walk/explore your city or neighbourhood
    Going for a walk or run is great for just clearing your head and sorting your shit out. Those endorphins do really work wonders. But dark chocolate also releases dopamine which is responsible for that happy feeling too…whatever floats ya boat!
  3. Call or message a friend
    I’m lucky to say I have a small group of friends here that I can call or message and complain to. Yes, I feel like a burden sometimes (or all the time when I’m crying about eating too much bread or not going to the gym for an hour-all extremely important crises I know) but I know that they will listen and offer advice where they can. I’m sure you friends will do the same.
  4. Watch a TV show or movie to take your mind off your feelings
    Even though you need to acknowledge why you are feeling the way you do, you also can watch something funny. Watch FRIENDS, or How I Met Your Mother- whatever makes you laugh.
  5. Clean something- declutter your room
    I find that if I clean something in my room I feel so much better. I have been meaning to do so much hand washing over the past few weeks (*cough* months) and when I finally started tackling it, it felt so good to no longer have it hanging over my head (literally- dresses everywhere). Something as small as that stops niggling at you. Dust something. Move your bed around. Feng Shui the shit out of your room. Change it up… you get the point.
  6. Start a journal
    Start writing down goals. Dad always says small steps… start with what your feelings are. Next step, how to tackle them. Step after that, how to maintain being positive. Small steps people!!
  7. Look at Taylor Swift’s instagram and wish you had a life like that
    Ok, so maybe this one won’t help much, but seriously.. that fourth of July party she has every year is seriously insane. Jealous much?

Whatever helps you find your way and change your mindset for the better… do it. Remember you have one life to live so don’t spend it being sad or down. Put a smile on your dial…


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