Do What You Wanna Do, Be What You Wanna Be…

There are many words that come to mind when I think of Gay Pride. Vibrancy, togetherness, excitement and fun are the words that could only describe the most colourful pride in the world. Whether you were trans, bi, straight, gay…it didn’t matter. The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone, as we were dancing our way around London. IMG_4886

My friends and I decided to soak up the atmosphere and walk through the streets wearing glitter and flower headbands that we had made by some florists selling them in the street. The parade consisted of double decker buses painted pink, people spreading the word about leaving the EU, gay and lesbians in the Scouts, reminders to get tested, volleyballers and my personal favourite… the Rugby boys (It was difficult to drag us away from them to be honest). We gradually stumbled our way to Trafalgar Square, where the stage was set with Big Ben in the background and performers singing ‘gay anthems’ like ‘It’s Raining Men’. It was beautiful to see everyone embracing (quite literally) their true selves with outfits consisting of rainbow tit tape, flags, leather and in one case Elsa from Frozen. Confetti lined the streets and empty alcohol bottles were scattered everywhere, each indications of a good day out.

This day will forever be the day that I felt truly proud of living in a city that embraces all walks of life. It reinforced that it doesn’t matter what you’re into, as long as you’re happy. Maybe one day it will actually rain men, and I won’t have to walk though gay pride looking at beautiful men wishing they were straight. One day…IMG_4921


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