How To Be Single

Okay, before you start reading this hoping to find a guide on how to be single in London, I should warn you that this is not one that you should probably follow. This is because you can be single anywhere in the world, not just London. Although, I could write a how-to book titled ‘DIY SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE LIFESTYLE- BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME’ (trademarking that for sure) about being single. But I’m guessing you might have a better title if you’ve been as single as long as I have.

Instead, this post is about the how I just watched the movie called ‘How To Be Single’ with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson (yes,the girl from 50 Shades of Grey) and loved it. Aside from the fact that Rebel can do no wrong, I loved it because it showed that it is perfectly okay to be single. It also conveyed that you should be totally happy when you’re by yourself, totally independent and frankly, alone.

Now I have had plenty of time to get to know who I am throughout my 23 years, but I never had any clue. Yes, I discovered my love of the gym and that black clothes will always fill my wardrobe. So read the following points about how to deal with the fact that you’re probably going to end up alone with 50 cats, but that’s okay, because so will I. Except in my case, it won’t be cats, it will be 50 pairs of black Nike leggings.

  1. Find something you love doing. And by something, I don’t mean fuckboy over there. Maybe just go to the cinemas alone. That’s still fine. I personally love sitting in coffee shops with some work and people watch. Just thinking and watching the world go by is honestly my favourite thing to do. Yup, even after eating. Just don’t keep going back to the one person you have in your life who gives you a second of confidence or validation or whatever it is that makes you feel ‘good’. Promise? That shit ain’t worth it.
  2. Live up the independence by going travelling solo. Four years ago, I did a Contiki tour across Europe by myself. I realised what type of person I am when I’m forced into an atmosphere of 30 total randoms who are ALWAYS drunk. Travelling solo means there’s no ball and chain, groaning because you want to shop all day and eat your weight in crepes or gelato.
  3. Spend time with your friends. Reach out to those you haven’t spoken to for a while and catch up. Why not? It’s not like you have plans ordering take out with your BAE while watching Netflix and eating as much as you want. Oh wait…you can do that with your friends too.
  4. Sit in bed eating cereal for dinner while watching chick flicks
    NO, I did not just do that tonight…
  5. Read your horoscopes hoping to read that ‘The One’ is around the corner.
    Okay, I actually don’t do that. But some of you might need the hope…
  6. Start a blog about how sad and pathetic your love life is.
    Okay… that one I MAY have done.
  7. Start to not give a shit that you’re single and focus on yourself.
    Who gives a shit if you’re hitched, single and ready to mingle or what…Just make sure you know who you are before entering the relationship…because knowing what pizza toppings you like and having a Netflix account is important.

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