The Wheatsheaf Pub and Grill- Surrey

Over the weekend, my friends and I gathered together at one of our houses in Aldershot, Surrey. After a Friday night of drinks and homemade pizzas, we got up on the Saturday and went to Farnham for the day to explore. A local town filled with an array of charity shops and  upscale boutique shops, we decided to head to The Wheatsheaf Pub and Grill for a drink.

Went entered to find a rustic, classy pub with beautiful interiors, lined with cool couches and oak tables. They also had Somersbys on tap, so I was instantly loving it.

We checked out the menu to find a Mezze platter that was perfect for us- sundried tomatoes, grilled capsicum, halloumi, pita, homemade hummous, pesto and olives. We devoured it as it was mouthwatering and was a perfect companion with our ciders. Although the pesto was a little salty, the warm pitas and chunky hummous made up for it.

Even though you may not go out of your way from London to Farnham, if you’re in the neighbourhood definitely check it out.


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