Daily Lesson #5: Major Cinnamon Explosion

I’ve mentioned before that I pack my lunches the night before as I get up at 4.45 for the gym. My standard breakfast consists of oats, almond milk, blueberries…and cinnamon. On this particular morning  I realised I forgot to pack the ziplock bags of oats and cinnamon that usually belong with an apple and some sort of makeshift lunch. To cut time, I grabbed the packets of both and headed out.
Got to school, made my oats and enjoyed a day of misbehaving students and barely completed work (standard day).

I quickly realise upon returning home that the bag of cinnamon had spilt everywhere in the shopping bag I had it in. Thinking ‘it’s okay, it’s just in the plastic bag it’s fine’, I notice that no, it’s not fine. Cinnamon…all over my bedroom floor and black Nike bag. The bag had a massive hole in it and as I had grabbed it out of my bag, it went everywhere. My room now smelt like a mixture of Christmas and gym workout clothes. Great.

Lesson learnt: Pack your cinnamon wisely.


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