Whoops…My Dress is Too Short…Again

As I go to gym before school, I always pack my work clothes and lunch the night before. It’s a constant battle of throwing my clothes around my room and sorting through the clothes already on my floor, as per usual. This one night I found a H+M casual black dress I thought would be perfect for school. I packed my boots and underwear (which I often forget to pack sometimes- yes I have been known to wear my gym underwear to school.. or none at all because I refuse because they’re so rank. REALLY need to learn my lesson. It’s happened twice.), proud that I have proven to be a capable adult (only sometimes clearly) because I’ve organised myself before 8.30pm.

Fast forward to the next morning after my workout, me getting dressed quickly with dry shampoo and baby wipes flying everywhere and eventually putting on this black dress. I look in the mirror and realise it is WAY too short, at least 10cm above the knee. My bad. As I have nothing else to wear with me, I decide to go with it. ‘I can rock this with my 2 inch heeled boots, that’s not inappropriate AT ALL’ I think to myself.

Throughout the day I notice a few judgemental looks from other teachers, prompting me to wonder if it’s because my legs are as pale as Casper the Friendly Ghost or if it’s because I’m far too tall to wear this dress to school. I’m hoping the former.

Lesson learnt: Make sure your clothes are appropriate for school.


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