It Is Not In The Stars To Hold Our Destiny But In Ourselves…

I have to admit, I love horoscopes and tarot card readings. I think there’s something cool about having predictions made about your future or knowing what may be in store for you. Before you think that I’m totally delusional or that I’m a 15 year old girl wishing for my true love to come (that was me for sure, no doubt), I know it can be total bullshit. However, I find it fun to read things that possibly could come true.. or not. Either way, I still find myself reading my horoscopes for the week and listening to YouTube clips about what’s to come for the next month (I think I’ll sit out on the ‘true love’ part thanks).

Last weekend my friends came around for a girl’s night (yes, I have a lot of those) and I was rummaging around my cupboard when I found a tarot card reading set my friends got me for my birthday which I totally forgot about. As I was excited as a 5 year old on Christmas Day, we decided to open it. We went through the instructions and placed the cards in their rightful places, learning about how we will be deceived at some point but don’t worry as prosperity will follow. To make our lives even more interesting, we looked up our horoscopes for the week that was coming to an end, curious to see whether or not anything was remotely close to what had happened that week.

I read Capricorn’s one, and right there, in the middle of a paragraph was about how I will ‘focus on myself’, but also how I will learn to read tarot cards. Immediately, our faces which were twisted with concentration turned into wide-open mouths like we had seen a ghost. Acting like giddy 12 year olds, we quickly read the other star signs and noticed they had nothing in common with theirs. So who knows… maybe something is written in your stars?

Refinery29 This week’s horoscope

Yes, this was a Saturday night, but we are skint so no judgement please.


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