A Plague On This One House…

Picture it: Last Friday I’m with my girls on a girl’s night because I got stood up on a Tinder date (that in itself is a pretty decent story- boy doesn’t message girl for bowling date all day, girl is bummed she missed out on bowling). We decide to go out for drinks with my friend’s own tinder date from the night before. What a great night planned right? However, this is where the night gets quite…murky…

We arrive in this O’Neills pub, with karaoke happening in the background and interesting looking people present. (Immediately thinking: hmmm….) We meet the tinder guy and his friends and we start drinking together. We all got along famously and the drinks were flowing.

One of the guys there (we shall call him ‘Arnie’) looked almost identical to my brother. Unfortunately for Arnie, he was very interested in me and clearly, due to the resemblance, I was not feeling the same. At all. Lovely guy, but always going to be a mate. To add fuel to the barely-present fire, his mate (let’s call him Duke) was tall, friendly and we got on like.. well a house on fire. The usual ‘girl goes to the toilet while friend asks the guy what he thinks of other girl’ conversation occurred, and I returned to find the feelings were mutual as he thought I was ‘hot’. Next minute, he mentions his girlfriend… wtf? Clearly not going there. ABORT!

After an extreme amount of drinks, we went back to my friend’s place after the pub had closed, continuing to drink while everyone stuffs their faces with chicken nuggets and toast while raiding the alcohol cupboard. Now this house is where all the house parties and where all the drama that has happened in my life since moving to London occurred. It is also where Canadian Ryan lives (see post called Don’t Look Back In Anger… Just Take Back His Stuff), so you can see my reluctance to to keep frequenting it while he’s there. Anyway,  my friends were occupied upstairs so I was by myself with the guys. Arnie still wasn’t getting the hint that nothing was going to happen between us and kept pressuring me to ‘cuddle on the mattress’. Now, I don’t know if I was being loud or if my continuous knocking Arnie’s advances woke Ryan up, but next thing I know he is downstairs (topless of course) and asked if I was okay and if I wanted them kicked out. By this point I’d had enough as it was 6am and I was over it. He convinced the guys to leave and that was that. I headed upstairs to say cheers to Ryan for doing that, so I knocked on his door and entered. What a mistake that was. He was in bed with her… the girl he hooked up with in front of me (again, see the post). Cue major embarrassment and awkwardness. At this point, I was wishing I could fade away into nothingness, praying to anyone that this had never happened and I was dreaming.

After passing out in my friend’s bed, make up still on and teeth not brushed (how could a guy stand ME up on a date?… pfft), I wake up and leave. Bloody hell… How did a girl’s night turn into such a shit show? I seriously cast a plague on this bloody house.


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