The Waffle House- St Albans

It is important to note that back home in  Melbourne, there is a suburb called St Albans. This town I will talk about is the complete opposite to that. Just putting it out there for those people familiar with St Albans, Melbourne.

St Albans in Hertfordshire is a beautiful place to live, as it is steeped in history (the town itself is over 2,000 years old!) and has everything you could need, with the popular stores (H and M, River Island, Marks and Spencer etc.) ready to accept all your money. The small streets are lined with cobblestones, the buildings are old and there are over 14 pubs (that I know of) in the town… the most in all of the UK in this small vicinity. Pub crawl anyone?

Last night, my good friends came over (typical girl’s night with dips and horoscope and tarot card readings… we totally are all set for greatness in the coming future) and today we explored the town in the sunshine. Verulamium Park, the massive park that is just behind the town itself, has quaint ponds and greenery for as far as the eye can see (may be an exaggeration). People were utilising the last day of the school holidays playing cricket, sun baking and encouraging kids to feed the ducks (you know it’s summer when English people come out to sun bake…)

One place that is extremely popular in St Albans is The Waffle House (located next to the park). It is stunning ant stereotypically English, with the white and brown exteriors and it’s own pond. There is always a line outside to get in (don’t worry, it moves quite fast) and they have both sweet AND savoury waffles (as well as soups and salads). I have been a number of times, choosing the same waffle each time (creature of habit). I have a savoury wholemeal waffle, with avocado, hummus, sweet chilli sauce and sundried tomatoes (don’t knock it till you try it). It may sound odd this combination of foods, but the freshness of each element combine to make it super tasty. Plus it helps that anything that has hummus and avo I’m down for. My friends however went sweet, with one choosing Pecan Nut Waffle and Butterscotch Sauce and the other Banoffee. Needless to say, all looked and tasted amazing. The prices are decent and all waffles are made to order and are really fresh. They aren’t stingy on the portions and there is free maple syrup on the tables too… (I eat it by itself because I love it so much… and that shit is expensive!!) The atmosphere is fantastic too, with the open patio and cute rooms evoking a sense of comfort.

I highly recommend venturing on the train to St Albans (20-30 minutes from St Pancras) for an outing and make sure you hit up The Waffle House!

The Waffle House


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