Liverpool was like a Clouded Memory

The joys of being a teacher in London is that every six/seven weeks we get a ‘half-term’, a week off to do whatever we want… like resist the doing the work needed to be done that is hanging over our heads and travel instead!

So one of my good friends and I saw cheap train tickets online and found a cheap hostel so we booked Liverpool. We both hadn’t been there before so we though ‘why not?’. Admittedly, people asked us why we chose there of all places, which worried us a bit but were still excited for the trip regardless.

So we arrived in sunny (yes, England has some sun…sometimes) Liverpool and we eventually found our hostel. Hatters Hostel (see link) was really cool. Free breakfast, Wifi, movie nights on a Monday, free food Tuesday, pub crawls throughout the week… perfect! As well as all the essentials- storage, lockers, linen, power points and a bar inside the hostel.

It’s safe to say Liverpool surprised us- there was so much to do! We visited the International Slavery Museum (only museum in the world dedicated to the subject), looked at all the shops (every shop you can think of), did a Sandemanns’s free walking tour (recommend you research if they do them in any European city you are travelling to. I’ve done them in Edinburgh, Bruges, Prague and now Liverpool) and decided to go out… of course.

Nightlife- Liverpool, like Leeds and Manchester, is perfect for going out. We took full advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktail hours at various places like Turtle Bay Carribbean restaurant (2-4-1 cocktails before 7pm and after 10.00pm), Modo (a new trendy outdoor bar that is located near a Walkabout and other equally trendy bars. They are old factories that a very Melbourne-esque.) and the Cavern Club. You can’t go to Liverpool without doing something related to the Beatles, and the Cavern Club is the place to go. An underground live music venue with cheap drinks, we enjoyed various musicians belting out music from all eras.

I recommend Liverpool for a weekend trip with your girls/boys for sure!

Hatters Hostel

Turtle Bay Caribbean Restaurant



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