Mirror Mirror on the wall… Tell Me.. Am I becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be after all?

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be THAT girl. When I say ‘THAT’ girl, think Serena Van Der Woodsen with her legs for days and blonde locks that just radiate the sunlight. I would return from school holidays after every term, hoping that I would have lost the weight I resented and would change the negative aspects to my personality I was embarrassed by. But every year, there was no change.

Now, this blog isn’t intended to be a ‘please sympathise with me as I discover myself in London’ kind of blog. Nope, it’s intended to be light-hearted and full of fun! However, there are times here that you do struggle, because you’re out of your comfort zone, recognizing for the first time who you are when you’re removed from the lifestyle you have always known. Lucky for me, I have found an amazing support base here. I have a ‘squad’ (for lack of a better term- shot gun assuming the role of Taylor Swift though) who I travel with and bitch and cry to. We come from all walks of life, with different interests and totally different personalities. Some are in loving long-term relationships, the rest of us (independent, NOT LONELY, people) are single, some are short, some tall (okay, I’m the only tall one but that totally just proves how diverse we are). This squad has become my family. They radiate confidence, intellect and positivity and I have been so fortunate to find them. And they are now stuck with me.But the one thing I keep doing while spending so much time with these people is asking myself- who am I? Am I still that girl trying to consistently change myself to fit the idea I have in my head? Am I that girl that wants to embrace her ability to show every emotion she feels on her face (anger is a good one- the eyes widening and booming voice is inherited. Shout out to dad for that one. Cheers.) and would prefer action and comedy movies to romantic ones? Am I that cool Londoner who wears quirky vintage clothing and has a ‘zero fucks given’ look on her face? (Nope, definitely not that girl. My favourite colour is black. Black errrything)

These questions probably can’t be answered right now (except the clothing. Seriously, my wardrobe is grey and black. It matches my heart. Jokes. Not really) but that’s the beauty in living out of my comfort zone. You discover who you are, or who you think you want to be. This will change as I interact with others and learn from them (maybe they can turn my black wardrobe into at least a dark red… small steps). Who knows? I surely don’t. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror again…


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