Daily Lesson #2 Always Know Your Facebook Settings

Daily Lesson #2 Always have Facebook on private. And know it’s on private.

Being a teacher, it is engrained in us to make sure social media is private. Well, picture this: Sitting in class, my year tens casually chatting (as they do- even when I ask for silence… typical) and they ask about if I have Facebook. Of course I reply with ‘umm no I have a life guys’. They reply with ‘Oh yeah…’ and proceed to show me my profile, all the teachers I am friends with and those pictures of my friends and I in pubs and clubs across England. Now, as you picture this, imagine a teacher’s face going from a tomato red to a beetroot purple when they begin to mimic my profile picture- me with a skimpy beige playsuit with my (attempt to look seductive) hands on my hips. I skirm in my seat. I immediately ask them to stop and show me how to make everything private- which didn’t happen as laughing at me was more fun.

Cue me Googling how to make all my settings private, asking my next class of Year nines to help me and the flood of embarrassment about my pose.

Daily Lesson: Know how to work Facebook. And make sure my profile picture is of me travelling somewhere amazing or with friends- not a poor attempt at looking like a supermodel.


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