The ‘Big’ Change

Welcome readers! This is my very first post so I guess you’re expecting this long winded essay about how far I’ve come (literally- across the seven seas and what feels like eternity) and how amazing it is to live in London as a 23 year old, single lady. Well, I can promise it won’t be an essay…

My story is that I moved over to London by myself in the hopes of obtaining an amazing teaching job and travel my pancake flat ass around the whole of Europe. So far, my job has been extremely challenging at times (I quickly learnt how difficult teenagers are here), made some really amazing friends (some of whom I have travelled with), gotten the chance to reconnect with old friends… oh and my ass… that’s a whole other story.

It has been my dream to travel and teach for as long as I can remember, so why not move somewhere that allows for easy access to the most diverse continent in the world? I was lucky enough to study at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett) during university, and that in itself was an experience of a life time. So fast forward three years and after labouring after primary school children in Before and After School Care, I am here, and have been for the past nine months. And boy, have I learnt, and seen, a lot…

So follow me down the rabbit hole, through the wardrobe, and into the abyss known as… life in London. As told by me.


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