Daily Life Lesson #1 Not being organised when travelling

This marks the beginning of the daily life lessons (get it- I’m a teacher so… never mind) that you will enjoy at the expense of my own embarrassment/anger/sadness/happiness. And I totally understand that, as I would probably do the same.

Ok, so one thing you should know about me now is I hate to forget things. I also naturally assume the leader position being a Capricorn (look it up- total leadership qualities right there. Hilary, move over.) so having everything sorted is my thing. I book trips for my friends, try to organise house parties for people’s birthdays (don’t forget the princess cake for a 26 year old man) and I always make sure to print off the tickets before we leave to avoid paying extra fees. I may however have skipped that one by accident for my last trip to Liverpool… which brings me to my daily lesson… ORGANISATION WHEN TRAVELLING!

Here in England whenever you travel cheaply, you will find that you have to print your tickets in advance to avoid huge penalties when you rock up to the airport/train station ready to soak up the atmosphere of your intended destination. Picture it: Christie, the uptight control freak (don’t judge- I’m working on my anal-ness) realising that I didn’t print the tickets and there will be a 5 quid fee to get it printed. Ok so 5 quid isn’t a ball breaker, but that’s 5 quid I could spend on food! (I also love to eat… you have been warned).

So I paid the 5 quid fee and my bestie and I went on our merry way. Fast track three days of inhaling food, sight seeing and drinking 2-4-1 cocktails (we are also cheap travellers too) and we are on the way back to Euston. However, my friend got off before me at an earlier stop to see her family- with the tickets we had paid to get printed in the first place. So the ticket inspector comes around and I realise- hmm… I don’t have my ticket. Now, normal control freak, short-tempered Christie would’ve called my bestie and given her a serve, but no, this calm-natured, new month/new beginnings Christie politely reminded her that she had the tickets. After some phone calls to and fro, everything was sorted and I was on my way to the journey back home.

But lesson for today: Always be organised.



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